Sunday, June 28, 2009

Habit - We still have it!

Planning a holiday to Kanha, Bandhavgarh or Pench National Park?  Drop your plans. Book your holiday at PANNA NATIONAL PARK because in sometime all the tigers of Madhya Pradesh will be sent to Panna. And it won’t be a bolt from the blue if we start re locating them from other states too. After all everything is doable in India !

Panna has a lot to offer. Two tigresses flown recently(though they are missing), A full grown male(Only seen, spotted and recorded by the hard working staff at Panna), and now two male tigers that are to be sent soon to Panna from Pench. Where do you get to see so much?

I am not against re locating tigers. But I feel sad when tigers go missing due to the inefficiency and laziness of the staff. For once when Panna lost all its tigers, they should have taken it as a warning and should have worked day and night to save them. After all what are they posted there for?

Panna has lost all its tigers in the last decade. And trans locating tigers has become a habit here in Madhya Pradesh it seems.

Is the forest staff trained and equipped just to re locate tigers from one reserve to another?
Are they not there to save them from intruders and poachers?
Is the government only spending money to send them from one place to another?
Is relocation some kind of a joke to the officials?

संता : साहब कहाँ जाने की तय्यारी है ? बंता : छुट्टियाँ है, सोचा कहीं घूम आये, तो पन्ना टाईगर रिजर्व घूमने जा रहे है. संता : क्या आप फॉरेस्ट डिपार्टमेंट में काम करते है ? बंता : नहीं.. संता : तो फिर न जाइये, क्यूकि टाईगर तो सिर्फ वहां सिर्फ और सिर्फ फॉरेस्ट वालो को ही दिखा करता है....

अरे ! अब तो संता को भी पता है की वहां टाईगर नहीं है ..


Vishal Mehra said...

Sad Story all over India isnt it. Here we are trying so Hard to show the world this majestic Animal and our Govt. and Forest Officials are too busy making money from this.

Anonymous said...

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Naaz iraqui said...

ab to santa ko bhi pata hai tiger nahi hai par hamare high socicty ppl are so unaware. :(

Han agar ye salman khan hote to jaroor shor machta TRP badahne ke liye

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Hanfee Sir IPS Wale Bhaijaan said...

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Arjit said...

SAVE TIGERS. Retweet it, do whatever you can, if you can - for who so ever is reading this. WHEREVER, PLEASE! :)

Anonymous said...

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Sibtiger said...

I hope that they will do something about that. Tigers are great animals, especially Siberian tigers, which are also the largest species of cats in world.It would be a shamed to disappear.

Anonymous said...

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